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People of Lockheed Martin is a photoblog created to share the unique and inspiring stories of our employees. Lockheed Martin’s employees are talented and well-rounded people who are as diverse as the products we make. We hope you enjoy learning about our team.

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“A small group of Central Florida Lockheed Martin employees competed and volunteered at the 2020 Florida Gambler 500 off-road rally. The event is a blend of improvised engineering, teamwork, and community outreach.”  


“So, while my biggest failure was spending 225k to become an engineer, it has also served as my biggest teacher. I hit rock bottom, bounced right back up not only to make things right in my life, but to help others not make the same mistakes.”  


“I came across an interesting statement that said, “bees even though they are great flyers, are scientifically unable to fly.” After reading this mind-blowing statement, I became fascinated with many flying objects in order to understand the mechanisms by which they operated. This included insects, airplanes, fighter jets and rockets.”  

Cyber Experts 

"Never lose your passion for learning. This is true for many professions, but especially so in cyber security.. You should always strive to expand your knowledge and ability, and it will almost certainly impact your future in a very positive way."


"If there is any advice I will give, it is to always be willing to break out of your comfort zone, embrace change, and maintain flexibility in your lifetime. Doing that will make your life more fulfilling."


"Without the support of my family and friends, this moment in my life could have easily been a career ending one instead of an opportunity to learn."


"“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war,” a quote that I’ve always lived by and believe is part of the reason I work for Lockheed Martin. It’s about preparing yourself for the inevitable."


"That kind of selfless devotion from foundation members ensures that warfighters are never forgotten."


"The easy answer is to give back to the community that I live in and hopefully to make a difference in someone’s life."


"It took me a good month to learn to sit up again and it was a long process to build my strength back up…I couldn’t let the accident and my subsequent injuries defeat me."


"The day I found out my dad was an engineer and not a secret agent is the day I decided to follow in his footsteps." 


"I’ve applied my scale modeling skills: following instructions, patience and attention to detail to my career. As a former aircraft maintainer these skills are important to ensure aircraft are safe, repaired properly and mission ready."

Matt Lee

"UCF and Lockheed Martin are both places that give me a strong sense of family, and that is very important to me. Luckily, I live close to both of them."


"I was very lucky that when I decided to take that step out of the closet I was accepted right away, and I can truly say that my career has flourished since."


"I am so proud to contribute to a company which aids the American fighting forces in providing global stabilization."


"Working for an organisation like Lockheed Martin, which supports and encourages the progression of its people, has been highly rewarding."


"This trip definitely challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, but it ended up being my favorite travel experience of all time."


"Since starting at Lockheed Martin, I have had the opportunity to participate in Engineers Week (E-Week) supporting various events such as elementary school field day and mentoring high school students in robotics design to prepare for an E-Week competition."


"I started volunteering in Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics activities early on in my career because I wanted to inspire children and show them what amazing opportunities exist beyond the life they currently live."


"Kiddos have an uncanny way of showing you the truth and uncovering what really matters – in the simplest ways."


"The greater the certification, the more exploration I can accomplish."


"I love doing things that make people happy. This brings me so much joy and keeps me fueled to return year after year."


"Without the help from my classmates and the support of my wife and kids that encouraged me, Officer Training School would have been a much different story."


"The biggest impact from participating in the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program was that it gave me a solid understanding of the culture of Lockheed Martin before I dove into full-time work."


"People tend to ask me, “Where did you work before this?” after hearing that I now work in IT. It opened up so many doors to new career opportunities that I wasn’t aware were available to me."


“As a veteran, I understand the sacrifice the men and women in uniform and their families make every single day, so I take it upon myself to help employees understand why we do what we do."


“Through the years I have been teaching my kids the importance of not just giving back and helping others but exposing yourself to differences, be it culture, environment, people, etc."


“I am tremendously proud to work in an industry where Hispanics are lightly represented and achieving positions of leadership."


“Three years ago, I decided I wanted to get more involved in my local community and give back to those less fortunate than me.”


"I started a gym called Orlando Close-Quarters Combat with the help of two fellow Lockheed Martin employees (Myron (left), Jared (right))."


“After a few years working in Operations, I made the decision to get my associate degree in industrial maintenance."


“I hope that by sharing this picture of Johnny and this short story that I am also creating autism awareness."


“One afternoon, my company was preparing to go out on a routine patrol. In a split second, my entire life changed.”


“There’s this sense of freedom yet sense of smallness when you're hiking — knowing that you are such an important part of this world, but learning that there’s so much more than life at home and work.”


“I always tell my soldiers, ‘I may be your leader, but I’m nothing without you.'”


“I work on big problems in a fast-paced environment.” 


"I’m very fortunate to work for a company that embraces my creative side."